Abernathy Wellington making an excellent attempt to hide behind a cactus.


Abernathy has Novercaphobia, which is the fear of stepmothers, and, strangely enough, his stepmother is Mrs. Wellington. At a young age, he began to fear his father being taken away by another woman after his mother passed away.


He has a depressed attitude to everyone except Hyacinth because of her singing. He seems to like music. He completely dislikes Mrs. Wellington, but their relationship gets a little bit better each day. Lulu, Garrison, Madeleine, Theodore, and Hyacinth help him with modern day, much to his dislike as it mostly involves Mrs. Wellington.


He is described to have an ashen face and pale skin. He is also described to be quite messy.


  • He plans to start a band with Hyacinth in the future.
  • He has a passion for music.
  • He dislikes Mrs. Wellington.
  • He is the stepson of Mrs. Wellington.
  • His father's name was Harold.