Edith Wellington in School of Fear: Class is Not Dismissed!

 Edith Wellington is the headmistess of the School of Fear (also referred to as Summerstone). The former beauty queen has devoted her life to curing children of severe phobias that are prohibiting them from living normal lives.


Mrs. Wellington is a former beauty queen, and dresses as such. She wears flamboyant outfits and makeup, normally matching in color. She is also bald. She has lips that change colors according to her mood


Mrs.Wellington can be described as overbearing, as she always pushes the students to be the absolute best that they can be. She cares deeply for her students, especially Abernathy, the one student she never could cure. The former beauty queen also trains her students in the art of pagentry, likely to relive her glory days. she is also a little crazy because she has many strange ways of teaching the kids, such as bringing them to the B&B (bats and bees) room.