Lulu Punchalower




Confined spaces

Lives in

Providence, Rhode Island

Lulu Punchalower is a claustrophobic girl who enrolls at School of Fear. She is described by mean from a lot of her classmates at her regular school.

Biography Edit

She seems to be good friends with Garrison, as they often exchange looks of exasperation over Theo. However, she has argued with him too, as she does with all Feararians. Lulu's trademark is her signature eye roll. She is also known to cover her left eye when afraid, to hide it from the others seeing it roll back into her head..

She is afraid of small and confined spaces and she is often described as mean. Whenever confronted with situations that involved confined spaces, she would handcuff herself to the nearest object. She is most annoyed by Hyacinth and wanted her to leave before she arrived at the School. Later, when Hyacinth is afraid to sleep by herself, Lulu tells her she can sleep in front of the door, so that the thief will trip on her first. She has very stiff parents, whom she can never seem to impress, and she is also from Rhode Island. During graduation, Mrs.Wellington gave her a flying lesson in the world's smallest plane. It is also infered Lulu may be in a wealthy family.  


Garrison FeldmanEdit

Close friends, often sharing looks over Theo-related frustrations.

Madeleine MastersonEdit

Close Friends, attended School of Fear together, roommates during her stay at the School.

Theodore BartholomewEdit

Close friend and classmate at the School of Fear.

Hyacinth Hicklebee-RiyatulleEdit

Friend with whom she shares a rocky relationship with. Lulu finds Hyacinth annoying and wishes she hadn't come to Summerstone.


  • She used to carry handcuffs so she could chain herself to any objects to avoid going into a confined space.
  • She threatened a security guard to let her out or she'll eat his goldfish. Surprisingly, it didn't work.
  • She once handcuffed herself to an unknown man.
  • She is nicknamed Freckles by Garrison.
  • She has an 8-year-old (in the first book) brother named Marvin, who she told might get sold to their grandma if he didn't skip school with her.
  • She attends Roger Williams Elementary School in Providence, RI.
  • She is noted to be nice, despite being rebellious.
  • She is not the least bit sensitive. She said in the third book that "Punchalowers don't cry"