Macaroni- Mrs Wellington's dog.

Macaroni is Mrs. Wellington's English Bulldog. His favorite hobbies include eating and sleeping. He is in charge of keeping electronics away from the School of Fear.


Macaroni is the faithful plump English Bulldog loyal to Schmidty, Mrs. Wellington, and Theo. He toddles the grounds, often sleeping with Theo. He takes a small roll in the books, but definetly plays a faithful companion. He is detailed with a typical bulldog underbite, black and white splotches on his fur, and drool. Everywhere. Macaroni is kind, and not at all vicious. He follows the Contestants in every adventure, and was entered in the Dog Beauty Pagent in the 2nd book. He is close to Theo. (Odd enough, they both have a chubby frame.) He is quite lazy, and is know to have a keen sense of sniffing out electronics. He mainly eats, sleeps, slobbers, and follows.