Madeline Masterson




Spiders and insects

Lives in

London, Britain

Madeleine Masterson is an arachnophobic girl who attends School of Fear. There is no actual source of how she developed her phobia. Suggestions are when she saw a grasshopper enter her house or on her first birthday when she saw a daddy longlegs spider beside her cake.  Each of those times, she got driven into a traumatized state, where the spider caused her to cry feverently, and the grasshopper got her to became obssed with the creature walking across her face at night. Wilber the exterminator greedily enjoys Madeleine's fear; it gives him a good deal of money.  

She is one of the smartest of the four, and possibly best friends with Theo, seeing as she would usually stick up for him. She has a vast interest in world leaders, and taught Abernathy the most information of the five of them. She may also have respect for Mrs. Wellington and Schmidty and cares for them both, although she finds Mrs. Wellington very eccentric .She dislikes any nicknames besides Maddie  (Shower Cap, Mad Mad, Beekeeper, ect.).

She's probaby known for the insect repellent ,and veils she wears. And it's a well known fact of her crush on Garrison. She seemed embarrassed when Sylvie told the group about her crush. Seeing her embarrassed, Garrison says that he likes her too.

At the end of the trilogy, Mrs. Wellington gives her a rare turquoise pet spider at graduation.


  • Like most School of Fearians she expresses extreme dislike, or hate, towards Hyacinth.
  • She was born and raised in England
  • She is an only child, and has mentioned having a cousin named Chester, who she watched Jackie Chan movies with, and has a grandmother who stuffs animals.
  • She is described being cute by Garrison.
  • She dislikes the color pink.
  • Probably has the highest IQ, though Theo may be close.
  • It was mentioned that Garrison likes her in book 3.
  • She doesn't go to parties or sleepovers unless the house has been properly fumigated due to her arachnophobic state


Hyacinth- friend

Lulu- Possibly best friend

Theo- Possibly best friend 

Garrison- friends who will become canon.

Mrs. Wellington - Maddie and her friend's teacher at School of Fear

Schmidty - Mrs. Wellington's assistant/slave/servant/other important things.

Abernathy - Mrs. Wellington's stepson

Celery - Hyacinth's pet ferret.