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School of Fear

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School of Fear is a book series written by Gitty Daneshvari. It has 3 books; School of Fear, School of Fear : Class Is NOT Dismissed, and School of Fear : The Final Exam. These books are about five kids who try to get rid of their fears: Garrison, Lulu, Theo, Madeline, and Hyacinth (whose first appearence was in the second book). Garrison is afraid of water (Hydrophobia), Lulu is afraid of confined spaces (Claustrophobia), Theo is afraid of death (Thanatophobia), Madeline is afraid of spiders and insects (Arachnophobia and Entomophobia), and Hyacinth is afraid of being alone. (Autophobia) Their teacher is Mrs.Wellington and they are forced to spend the summer in School Of Fear, which is located in Summerstone, Massachusetts, to get over their fears.

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